Cleaning doesn’t have to be dangerous!

Mr. Yuck means poison

Mr. Yuck means poison

As the health and environmental impacts of conventional cleaning products become more thoroughly understood, more and more brands of healthy, green and effective cleaning products have started hitting the market. Many of these products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources (not petroleum).

Remnants of cleaning products are everywhere in our homes and offices: on dishes, countertops, furniture, clothes, floors, and floating through the air. In our war on dirt and germs we may actually be making things worse. Did you know that spray cleaners can remain in the air in your home for around 12 hours? This can contribute to respiratory infections, antagonize allergies, and irritate your sinuses.

Most standard cleaning products in use since the 1950’s are petroleum-based and are quite toxic to people and the environment. Instead of opting for cleaning products that destroy everything in their path, there are plenty of natural products and methods to keep a house clean and fresh-smelling without the toxic side effects.

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