Hourly Rate Cleaning

An Hourly Rate Cleaning that’s got everything covered

Do you require a service that isn’t quite offered here? Get what you need done in one hourly rate. This service is a good solution for those customers who have a sizable task or needs that go beyond the scope of our traditional services. Or, perhaps we are unable to determine just how much time is required of a single job? Whatever the case, let us know and we’ll work with you.

While we do offer this service with the intention of it remaining within the scope of cleaning or another hospitality service like Laundry, there may be other things you need done like:

  • Helping packing in preparation to move
  • Unpacking after a move has completed
  • Declutter an area of a house
  • Help organizing
  • Piecing together furniture
  • Other miscellaneous services

Post-party, event and post production clean-up

Next time you plan your next party or event, don’t forget to include the post-event cleaning. Our fast and efficient staff are ready to restore any residence to it’s original pre-party condition at a competitive hourly rate.

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