Move-in Cleaning Service

Let Us Detox Your Home Before Moving In

Our Move-In Cleaning Service is a great value because we use green products and HEPA filtration equipment to assist in the removal of toxic chemicals and allergens left behind by previous occupants. Perhaps the former tenant did not clean with green products or to your satisfaction. In any case, we have what it takes to clean your vacant residence in preparation for your arrival. Plus, since your new residence does not require a deep cleaning, you can save money too!

Our LA Move-in Cleaning Service is there to help when the former occupant has already attempted to clean, but may not have been very thorough. If no cleaning was done when the former occupant vacated, you’ll need a deeper cleaning than Move-in service can provide and our Move-out service will better serve you since it covers deep cleaning rates. We will be armed with superior dirt-battling equipment for a Move-Outappointment.

Once moved in, remember to schedule a follow-up appointment with our Standard Cleaning so that we can maintain your home and give you back your free time!

We use our Move-in/Out checklist to ensure that each area of your home meets our standard of quality. At the end of your visit we provide you the opportunity to inspect and approve our work. We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer a 24 Hour Guarantee of satisfaction.

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*Prices for this appointment type subject to a 25% additional charge if if upon inspection of the home a Move-Out Cleaning is deemed required.