Window Cleaning Service

Enhance both the interior and exterior of your home with sparkling clean windows, cleaned with care by Little Piggies Green Cleaning. When your windows shine their best, so does the rest of your home. We offer our Window Cleaning in Los Angeles both as a stand alone and add-on option to our regular housekeeping appointments.

Our service for Window Cleaning in Los Angeles has a minimum charge of 9 windows when ordering stand alone service. If you would like to add window cleaning as an add-on to one of our regular housekeeping appointments, book a Standard Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move-in Service or Move-out Service.

Our Window Washing Service is available both as a stand alone serice and as an add-on to our other housekeeping services. Our window washing process involves:

  1. Carefully removing all screens from the inside of the house. Removing screens from the outside can result in damage – many screens have special pins/tabs that can only be accessed from the interior of the building.
  2. We open all windows and vacuum the tracks and sills.
  3. We apply a cleaning solution to a gentle non-abrasive window cleaning scrubber and loosen all the debris on the window.
  4. We then use a squeegee with a crisp new rubber to remove the solution and debris from your window.
  5. We detail every window with a lint free cloth designed for professional window cleaning. Wiping all 4 edges of the window ensuring that no stray solution will drip from the window.
  6. Wiping of the screen

For the time being we are only able to offer window cleaning of 1st story windows and some 2nd story windows depending on the window type. If you order more windows than we are able to clean, your total will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of windows cleaned.

Disclaimer: Some window screens become very fragile over time due to age and sun damage. If old window screens suffer damage due to age, we are not responsible for repair or replacement.

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