Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning – For Homes That Need Extra Care

For When You Just Need More Than A Basic Cleaning

Need to let go of the stress of cleaning and spend your time doing more enjoyable things? Let us take care of the cleaning so you can reclaim your valuable free-time. Our Deep Cleaning Service is a great choice if you require more than a Standard Cleaning. Deep Cleaning is also different than our Move-in, Move-out and other services.

If you have a regular housekeeper already, you may need more than what they can provide from time-to-time. Perhaps you just need a ‘spring cleaning’. In either case, our Deep Cleaning service is available for many situations.

What is the biggest difference between a Standard and Deep Cleaning?

Quick answer: Time and Effort

This is an important question because we want to set your expectations properly.

A Deep Cleaning can require between 50% to 100% more time and effort to perform the same tasks a Standard Cleaning would cover. This is a perfect option if you have gotten behind in your cleaning and want us help restore your home to its’ best. If you prefer to do a very thorough cleaning 2 or 3 times a year and don’t have much time for cleaning in-between, this is also the service for you.

What kinds of things will you do in a deep cleaning?

We use our Location Inspection Checklist to ensure that each area of your home meets our standard of service. At the end of every appointment we’ll provide you the opportunity to inspect and approve our work before we leave. Because of the varying needs of different households, our Deep Cleaning is quoted with an expected completion time based on the size of your home and services ordered. if your needs require us to be there beyond our expected completion time, there may be an associated cost per additional hour.

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