Standard Cleaning Service

Standard Cleaning – Taking Care Of The Basics

A Standard Cleaning, Doesn’t Have To Be Basic
Are you spending your free-time doing basic cleaning these days? Imagine what you could do with the extra freedom by letting us take over with a weekly Standard Cleaning. By having maintained your home yourself, there’s no need for an exuberant initial cost and we can take over your Standard Cleaning where you left off.

Little Piggies Green Cleaning has what you need for a Standard Cleaning Service in LA. Tired of spending your saturdays chasing dust bunnies? We are just the solution you’re looking for! And if life’s obligations have kept you from cleaning, check out our Deep Cleaning service.

We’ll battle dirt and grime, armed with our HEPA filtration vacuums, micro fiber towels, non-toxic cleaning supplies and proven methods. We’ll leave your home clean andhealthy.

We use our standard cleaning checklist to ensure that each area of your home meets our standards of quality. At the end of each visit we provide you the opportunity to inspect and approve our work. We are so confident in the quality of our service that we offer a 24 Hour Guarantee of satisfaction.

Other information about our basic cleaning services:

Does your current maid service leave something to be desired?

Has an experience with your housekeeper or maid service left something to be desired? More than 70% of our new customers switched to our service after having a less-than-acceptable experience with their former maid or housekeeping service.

Our Basic Cleaning and maid services are perfect for customers looking for a Cleaning Service in LA and currently have a maid or cleaning service but are just looking for quality service without paying what those other services charge.

Since your home has been regularly maintained by a cleaning professional, there’s no need for a huge initial cost to clean your home. However, If it’s a deeper cleaning you’re looking for, check out our Deep Cleaning service option below.

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* For new housekeeping customers and customers looking to replace their current maid or housekeeper, residences that have not been consistently maintained may require an additional charge of up to 25% of their Standard Cleaning rate. This is due to the broad spectrum of expectations and styles of cleaning that different housekeepers and services provide. Prices for this appointment type subject to a 50% additional charge if if upon inspection of the home a Deep Cleaning is deemed required.